Hello Swift!: iOS app programming for kids and other beginners

Hello Swift!: iOS app programming for kids and other beginners

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Hello Swift! is a how-to guide to programming iOS Apps with the Swift language, written from a kid's perspective. This approachable, well-illustrated, step-by-step guide takes you from beginning programming concepts all the way through developing complete apps. (Adults will like it too!)
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About the Technology
It's fun to play games and explore new things on your iPhone. How amazing would it be to create your own apps? With a little practice, you can! Apple's Swift language, along with special coding playgrounds and an easy-to-use programming environment, make it easier than ever. Take it from author Tanmay Bakshi, who started programming when he was just five years old.
About the Book
His book, Hello Swift! iOS app programming for kids and other beginners, teaches you how to write apps for iPhones and iOS devices step by step, starting with your first line of Swift code. Packed with dozens of apps and special exercises, the book will teach you how to program by writing games, solving puzzles, and exploring what your iPhone can do. Hello Swift! gets you started. Where you go next is up to you!
What's inside

  • Crystal-clear explanations anyone can understand
  • Kid-friendly examples, including games and puzzles
  • Learn by doing–you'll build dozens of small apps
  • Exercises that encourage critical thinking

About the Reader
Written for kids who want to learn how to program. (Psst! Adults like it, too.)
About the Author
Tanmay Bakshi had his first app on the iOS App Store at the age of nine. He's now the youngest IBM Champion, a Cloud Advisor, Watson Developer, Google Developer Expert, TED Speaker, and Manning author!

Table of Contents

  1. Get ready to build apps with Swift!
  2. Create your first app
  3. Your first real Swift code using variables
  4. I/O laboratory
  5. Computers make decisions, too!
  6. Let computers do repetitive work
  7. Knitting variables into arrays and dictionaries
  8. Reuse your code: Clean it with function detergent
  9. Reduce your code: Use less, do more with class detergent
  10. Reading and writing files
  11. Frameworks: Bookshelves of classes
  12. SpriteKit: Fun animation time
  13. Time to watch your WatchKit code
  14. Continuing your journey with Swift

From the Publisher

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From the Author


When I was 9 years old, I phoned my dad while he was at work. I had to tell him my news; I was screaming with joy, because my app, tTables, made it to the App Store! This book is about how you can experience this for yourself! In these pages, you’ll be going on the journey to the land of App Development! Once you start reading this book, as you travel through Xcode and Swift and reach the iOS platform, you too will want to shout, “Yes, I can do it!”

Along the journey, I’ll teach you how to use the Playground, general programming essentials, and the Swift programming language. I’ve written apps and games for each chapter and we’ll build them together, so that you can learn how everything works, step by step.

This book is an outcome of my experiences in the last six years of my journey helping myself learn and explore coding. My goal is to reach out to and help as many aspiring kid coders and beginners as I can across the world.

I am a kid coder myself, so I would be able to connect with and help other kid coders, since I already know where all they will get stuck. I have experienced those problems myself!

I hope you find it as fun and educational to read as I did to write it. Please be sure to post any questions, comments, or suggestions you have about the book in the Author Online forum. I’d be glad to help my readers with any problems they have along the journey of learning.

Your feedback will help me make this the best book possible.

—Tanmay Bakshi

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