Roblox Coding, Award-Winning, Coding for Kids, Ages 8+ with Online Mentoring Assistance, Learn Computer Programming and Code for Fun Games with Lua and Video Game Programming Software (PC & Mac)

Roblox Coding, Award-Winning, Coding for Kids, Ages 8+ with Online Mentoring Assistance, Learn Computer Programming and Code for Fun Games with Lua and Video Game Programming Software (PC & Mac)

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CodaKid Coding & Game Design for KidsCodaKid Coding & Game Design for Kids

Award Winning Coding Courses

Coding for Kids with Roblox – Don’t Just Play Games. Make them.

3D Game Development with Coding for Roblox, teaches kids how to design and code amazing Roblox games using Lua programming and the 3D game creation tool Roblox Studio. Our award-winning online courses provide the perfect educational gifts for aspiring coders and game designers who are interested in making professional quality games that they can publish and sell on the Roblox marketplace. Our Roblox gift box includes 9 Roblox game development projects and is designed for students ages 8 and up. Our self-paced online courses are on-demand and can be taken anytime on a schedule that works for your student. All CodaKid courses include expert online mentor support from the CodaKid team.

Code for Kids, Video Game Design, and STEM Education

40 hours of interactive coding lessons, 80+ hours of student projects and hundreds of hours of extension activities. Students learn to build nine exciting Roblox games, including an Obby game, an Adventure game, a Racing game, a Dodgeball game, a Battle Royale game, a Speed Simulator game, a Tycoon game, and more. Students receive important teaching on key coding concepts including conditionals, functions, loops, variables, and more. CodaKid uses engaging animated explainer videos to explain important coding concepts and our engineers utilize a fun, youthful approach that entertains as well as instructs. CodaKid’s cutting edge learning platform also features quizzes to measure comprehension, and kids earn motivational badges and experience points upon completing course content.

Professional Coding Languages and Game Design Tools

CodaKid students write real code using Lua, an elegant scripting language similar to Python. We teach students how to use the powerful 3D game engine Roblox Studio to write code and provide kids with transferable skills that will help them in software development, school, and life. CodaKid does not employ drag and drop interfaces or copy/paste techniques. Our unique approach teaches kids how to become independent software developers. CodaKid students keeps projects, tools, and software for as long as they like.

80+ Hours of Student Projects and Hundreds of Hours of Extension Activities!

With the Roblox coding course, students will learn how to make progressively more advanced games from the ground up – in total amounting to over eighty hours of student projects and hundreds of hours of possible extension activities. As Roblox Studio contains a nearly infinite number of design possibilities, your child or teen will embark on an exciting journey that will help build their STEM skills.

Live Mentor Assistance

If CodaKid students ever need help with their lessons, assistance with debugging, or even advice on how to best design for game elements, they can contact our online mentor team who will help them get back on track. Students have access to CodaKid’s mentoring team for 12 months.

Parent's Choice Gold AwardParent's Choice Gold Award

Award Winning Coding Courses

2017 Parent’s Choice Gold Award

“Designed to teach programming at which it does an amazing job, but it is also an excellent way to teach problem-solving skills and logic!”

2017 CODiE Finalist (Best Coding and Computational Thinking Solution)

“One of the first products that actually has the potential for the student to become proficient in coding.”

Parent Review

“My son loved CodaKid! He enjoyed having access to different modules and having the freedom to progress through them at his own pace. He liked being able to move from one module to another according to his own whims, too. When he had questions, it was so easy to set up a chat with an instructor from CodaKid, and they were incredibly responsive and helpful! He learned so much and is excited about his future in coding—much thanks to CodaKid!” – Parent

roblox game design programming lua studio jailbreak moddingroblox game design programming lua studio jailbreak modding

Coding for Kids, Learn Programming and Game Design with Roblox

Award-Winning Kids Coding Company

CodaKid’s courses have won some of the most prestigious awards in our industry including a Parents’ Choice Gold Award, a BrainChild award, and selection as CODiE Finalist for Best Coding and Computational Thinking Solution. Our company has taught over 30,000 students in more than 80 countries how to code, and our curricula is used by coding academies, schools, and homeschool groups around the world.

Teach Them to Become Creators Rather Than Passive Consumers

Don’t just play games. Make them. CodaKid students become active creators with technology rather than passive consumers of it. CodaKid’s Game Development with Roblox fosters learning in STEAM (science, technology, engineering, arts, and mathematics) as well as in key areas such as problem-solving, critical thinking, spatial reasoning, and more

Educational Coding Games for Kids

Educational coding games provide today’s students with a fun and engaging way to learn computer programming. By teaching exciting projects such as Game Development with Roblox, students are enthusiastic about learning key coding concepts, learning professional tools and languages, and mastering important STEM skills.

Game Development with Roblox features:

Real Lua programming instruction

Unlimited live mentor assistance

Self-paced convenience. Take courses on your own schedule!

Learn coding with Roblox Studio

12 Month access to Mentor Team

Runs on PCs and Macs. You keep all projects, software, and tools forever

Award-winning Coding and STEM course

Quizzes and completion badges

Roblox game designRoblox game design

Learn Real Coding and Game Design Skills

Kids learn real Lua programming – an elegant coding language similar to Python. CodaKid’s method makes learning Lua coding fun and easy, and students learn transferable skills that can help them with college applications, in future careers, and in life.

Roblox codingRoblox coding

Master Professional Coding and Game Design Tools

Students learn real coding and video game design using the Roblox Studio game creation engine. By using professional tools, CodaKid students develop transferable STEM skills that can help them in academics and future careers.

Make a game on RobloxMake a game on Roblox

Live Online Mentor Assistance

If students ever need a helping hand, CodaKid’s live mentor assistance can help them get the help they need through messaging and screen share. Students get unlimited access to our online mentor team for one year.

Roblox StudioRoblox Studio

On Demand Courses – Take on Your Schedule

CodaKid’s lessons are on-demand and can be taken anytime you like – on your schedule.

Coding for Kids - Coding and Game Design for KidsCoding for Kids - Coding and Game Design for Kids

Roblox Coding for Kids, includes mentoring assistance and 40 hours of interactive coding lessons
Coding for Roblox, for girls and boys aged 8 and upwards, the perfect Roblox gift to teach coding
Educational Gifts, CodaKid is a winner of a Parents’ Choice Gold Award and CODiE Finalist
Code for Kids, is a Self-paced, online course is on demand and can be used at any time

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