Graphics Programming with Metal 2: Real-time Rendering for iOS Development

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Discover the fundamental concepts of graphics programming and how to implement them in Metal. This book shows you how to create and convert a single cohesive project into to a beautiful scene, using the latest techniques to make them fun and relevant.

Set up your first Metal view and get a taste of shaders by showing some colored pixels in the screen. Then use fundamental 3D geometry and view transformation concepts while loading and showing some 3D models in a scene. Integrate light and approximate it with different shading models and effects. 

Then move on to more advanced techniques such as implementing UI elements in your project. Use Metal to create environment and image-space techniques that can massively improve the render quality of your projects. And go even further with geometry and real-time rendering.

With so many graphics-intensive applications juicing up our devices, graphics programming is more relevant than ever. Metal is a modern, elegant and exciting low-level graphics API developed by Apple. Let Graphics Programming with Metal 2 show you how to speed up graphics in their platforms.

What You’ll Learn
  • Understand core concepts of how images are generated in a computer simulating real-life conditions
  • Expand that knowledge with more advanced techniques and the possibilities they offer
  • Implement all those concepts in Metal in a cohesive project, building each piece as a solution to a problem
Who This Book Is For

Intermediate developers with some knowledge of Swift that are interested in graphics programming or are familiar with other graphics frameworks and want to dive into Metal.

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