BOSSIMA Indoor Outdoor High Back Chair Cushions Replacement Patio Chair Seat Cushions Set of 4 (Olefin Deep Green)

BOSSIMA Indoor Outdoor High Back Chair Cushions Replacement Patio Chair Seat Cushions Set of 4 (Olefin Deep Green)

Price: $175.99
(as of Sep 08,2020 02:39:43 UTC – Details)

Product Description

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Upgrade your outdoor patio furniture with Bossima’s premium outdoor seat cushions. Comfortable, durable and inviting, these cushions will make the perfect addition to your backyard, patio or balcony. BOSSIMA set includes Beige, Black, Bright Red, Coffee, Deep Green, Light Blue, Light Grey, Navy Blue, Red, Teal Blue. And we will provide more specific colors or prints with customers.Suitable for both indoor and outdoor usage. Pairs perfectly with wood chairs, aluminum outdoor chairs, iron chairs and DIY furniture!



water repllent

water repllent



Upgrade Foam Filling

More durable
With good shape and comfortable

Quality Fabric

Easy to dry
UV resistant
Suitable for indoor and outdoor

4 Ties for Fixing

Avoid cushion sliding
Easy to fix on chair
Suitable for most chairs


Care instruction:

Our cushion can use for outdoors and the fabric are water repellant. But if you do not use furniture cover or put the cushions away when it’s extended or heavy rain,some water may penetrate into the inner core. If your cushions get wet, stand them on end, with the open zipper or seam side down, to help drain the water and speed the drying process. Be sure the cushion’s core has completely dried before using.

If you do not use it for a longtime, we recommend you to store the cushions in the storage box and make sure the cushion is completely dry before storing, it can extended the service life.


About us

Bossima is a brand dedicated to providing customers with quality and comfortable cushions.

We are ISO-certified company and our polyester fiber are automatically produced by advanced machine. This ensures that our products are high quality and environmental friendly.

Choose us! It’s a easy way to upgrade your patio furniture and refresh your outdoor spaces.

Exquisite Craft – Attaches with ties can keep the cushions stay firm when sitting. The cloth resists fading well in sunlight. It is also well UV-resistant. You can feel super comfortable and soft when you touch it or sitting on it. The breathable upper is not easy to get mildewed.
Resilient and Comfortable – After carefully selected, filing material inside the seating cushion can absorb pressure and the cotton is also very resilient. You can feel soft and comfortable when sitting on it or leaning back.
Water Repellent and Environmental – When you put some water on the cushions carelessly, don’t worry! The upper is water repellent. They are easy to keep clean. Bossima is always dedicated to protecting the environment. The fabric we use is also very friendly to nature, and is recyclable.
Gift Idea – They are well packed in a box, just in case you need to give them to your lover, family members or friends as a gift.

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