Fashion: A Very Short Introduction

Fashion: A Very Short Introduction

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Fashion is a dynamic global industry that plays an important role in the economic, political, cultural, and social lives of an international audience. It spans high art and popular culture, and plays a significant role in material and visual culture. This book introduces fashion’s myriad
influences and manifestations. Fashion is explored as a creative force, a business, and a means of communication. From Karl Lagerfeld’s creative reinventions of Chanel’s iconic style to the multicultural reference points of Indian designer Manish Arora, from the spectacular fashion shows held in
nineteenth century department stores to the mix-and-match styles of Japanese youth, the book examines the ways that fashion both reflects and shapes contemporary culture. Using historical and contemporary examples, it gives a clear understanding of how fashion has developed since the renaissance,
while raising questions about its status, ethical credibility, and influence on consumers.

The book provides insight into the structure of the fashion industry and how fashions are designed, promoted and consumed, in relation to relevant historical, social and cultural contexts. It is structured thematically, to look at the role and development of designers, the growth of shopping and the
different businesses involved in making and selling fashionable clothes. Fashion’s relationship to the wider culture is also explored, by considering its representation in art and collaborations between designers and artists, the moral controversies surrounding fashion, and attempts to produce
ethical clothing, and the effects of globalisation on the fashion trade.

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