Google Classroom 2020: The Most Updated Guide for Students and Teachers to the NEW Google Classroom for Online Teaching

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Make online teaching easy by discovering the wonders of Google classroom!

Are you a teacher, tutor, or educator, and you want to use online teaching like a pro? Do you want to find the best ways to master the basics, make the most of Google classroom, and create assignments with ease? Then this book is for you!

The internet offers loads of wonderful opportunities for teaching – but if you’re new to the concept of online learning, navigating Google classroom can seem like a daunting and confusing task. So how can you wrap your head around this amazing software and make online teaching a breeze?

Packed with a wealth of detailed advice, this brilliant guide provides a comprehensive overview of Google classroom, specially designed to help you master this invaluable tool in no time. Whether you need help setting up your classroom, finding the best applications, or understanding the details between teacher and student view, Google Classroom 2020 answers all of your questions and more.

Here’s just a little of what you’ll find inside:

  • 7 Reasons Why You Should Be Using Google Classroom Today
  • How To Set Up Your Online Classroom In 3 Simple Steps
  • The Top Things You Can (and Can’t) Do With This Incredible Tool
  • Finding The Perfect Applications For Your Digital Course
  • Exploring The Student and Teacher View
  • 13 Must-Know Extensions To Supercharge Your Teaching Skills
  • And Much More!

Even if you’re not a tech-oriented person, or if you’re new to the idea of online teaching, Google Classroom 2020 contains easy-to-understand advice that will help you navigate Google classroom with ease. Plus, with a ton of FAQs covering all the most common questions, this guidebook is your all-in-one introduction to the wonders of Google classroom!

Scroll up and buy now to make online teaching easy!

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