WHY DIDN’T I NOTICE HER BEFORE?: a memoir about dying to live

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WHY DIDN’T I NOTICE HER BEFORE?  A memoir about dying to live.

Irreverent, painfully honest and often hilarious, Why Didn’t I Notice Her Before? is a beautifully observed memoir that finds courage and humor in the face of undefeatable odds.

A New York film editor explores how a cancer diagnosis has changed her outlook on life, asking "will an illness as serious as this teach me that I no longer need to fix things, and can I finally release my grip and get on with living?”

The author has a rare talent for mining small, but lasting lessons—whether reflecting on the host of new parenting concerns that come with her diagnosis or weighing the dueling emotions she feels towards an overly attentive family. And the windows into her marriage are touching reminders that the coupling of any two personalities is bound to cause some feather ruffling, friction and emotional dissonance.

Cramer’s writing is characterized by an eagle-eyed search for positivity: "Fuck it. I want to live my life, not spend time making legacy boxes of my unfinished one." For the author, this statement is an act of personal catharsis, but her message has an inspirational universality.

“Cramer opens her heart and digs deep in this authentic and unexpected story." Lynn Povich, author of The Good Girls Revolt.

Some readers may flinch at her bluntness, but for most, her writing will offer revitalizing guidance. 

"I’m told death is close, it is imperative that I take the initiative to go any direction away from stuck."

Overall, this keenly observed memoir delicately balances humor and heartache while signaling the importance of each passing moment.

A profoundly moving remembrance that’s alternately sad and uplifting.” Kirkus Reviews

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